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Let our team of digital experts plan the perfect cross-device digital media campaign for you.

Our team will first seek to understand your ideal customer; their age, gender, likely occupations and most importantly, daily device habits. Is your customer likely to check commuting apps in the morning? Or football scores? Are they likely to browse social media on their lunch breaks? Would they likely subscribe to any web services which would guarantee screen time a few times a week?

Once we have the above figured out we can begin to design a bespoke customer journey that fits around the lifestyle of your customer. This ensures your customers see the right ad at the right time, on the right device.

We’re a bit mad about the customer funnel here at Media Campaign, but we realise every element is crucial. The effectiveness of your PPC campaign in the “Intent” stage could depend on how many people you’re targeting in the awareness stage.

Your customer journey may end up looking something like this

The campaign starts, we begin optimising and then we start getting conversions. Great! …Or is it? Not quite.

We need to understand which elements of the customer funnel should be given credit for driving the conversions. Perhaps it is the PPC ad at the end? But one can argue a user wouldn’t be querying the keyword string unless they saw the influencer post a few days ago. Or was it the display ad that planted the seed? The shed some light on this puzzle, we need to run various attribution models to decipher which parts of the journey should be upweighted with increased budget to get the most cost effective increase in conversions.

Media Campaign Digital Services

Media Campaign is a Google Premier Partner

As an accredited Google Partner agency who recently placed top 5 within Google’s ‘fastest growing PPC agency’ 2016, we are lucky enough to have a plethora of Google experts ready to offer support for our services. This means the number of trained eyes on your account doesn’t end within the walls of our office.

We attribute our success to our intelligent planning, buying and rigorous testing. On top of that we have partnerships with the leading data providers, meaning we will always be able to find your target audience.

A top-performing digital campaign requires a structured plan for ROI. At Media Campaign we look beyond just CTRs and CPCs to understand the metrics that matter most for your business. Part of a good plan will factor in your KPI, seasonality, mobile specific alterations, your top selling products, your highest margin products and your previous marketing activity

Generating leads through Display and Social

At Media Campaign we’re very proud of our Lead Gen solution as it has proved to be incredibly successful. We can run Lead Generation campaigns on both a Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Mille (CPM) model. For both we consider running campaigns using Display Ads/ Emails and Facebook.

A good quality Lead Generation campaign will factor in the following:

  • Landing page analysis (and creation if needed)
  • Approved, qualifying questions
  • Call back request preferred time slot
  • 3rd party lead cleaning (to remove duplicates, fake emails etc)
  • A/B testing of questions and copy
  • A/B testing of creative
  • CRM integration

Over 2 billion daily users of social media

We don’t need to sell the importance of advertising on social media. We run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Our social media tactics consist of rigorous A/B testing of copy and creative. We run  very effective campaigns based on lookalikes of past customer/CRM data, overlayed with custom segments. The result is a fantastic ROI.

Display Advertising: It’s a love/hate relationship

They don’t get clicked as much as they used to, but still serve an important purpose. Whether it’s Lead Gen, Brand Awareness or Remarketing, Display Ads form an integral part of a digital media campaign.

With the increasing number of native mobile formats available – we’re seeing a resurgence in mobile traffic through display ads. Get in touch to find out some of the cutting edge mobile formats we can use.

Across each digital platform we use data and statistics to scientifically optimise web businesses. We look at data from all variables including device, location, ad placement, time of day, day of week, audience demographics and a host of analytical metrics to constantly review our strategy in order to benefit the campaign.

We attribute our success to our intelligent planning, buying and rigorous testing. On top of that we have partnerships with the leading data providers, meaning we will always be able to find your target audience.

Audience Is Everything

Influencer marketing is all the rage now, but very few people are doing it effectively.

We have our own Influencer platform known as The Media Influencer.

For example, did you know over 50% of Zoella’s fans are based in the US? So a UK campaign using Zoella is a very inefficient use of media spend.

Instead, we search by audience.

This means whichever influencer groups we work with have been through an audience vetting process to guarantee we’re targeting your targeting demographic. We’ll also group together say, ten influencers, and give stats on the aggregate audience data ie “from the ten influencers, 80% of the audience are male aged 24-44” etc.

We then work with both yourself and the influencers to create a brief which gets results. Speaking of results, we provide analytical information on clicks, sales, increase in hashtag use, the whole shebang.

Great, isnt it?