About Media Campaign

Media Campaign is a Media Planning and Buying Agency and was started in 1975 as one of the first Media Independents in the UK.

The first three clients, of note were Laker Airlines, C&A and Virgin records. The company has been launching and building brands through smart media planning and buying ever since

Privately owned for the whole period, the company is now part of the Media Circus Group of companies.

The current management trade on the same values that Colin Watts and Tony Sullivan (The founders of what was Media Campaign Services) did back in 1975. Senior staff planning and buying the most effective media necessary to get a return for their clients.

The business has moved forward a lot in forty years and now covers online and offline media but with the same principles set when the business launched

We have launched some of the most iconic and best known names in travel, records, direct response, retail and the financial services on TV and other media, and continue to do so.

Media Campaign Services

Media Campaign’s success is based on four basic elements

Senior, Experienced Staff – All our senior staff have at least ten years experience

No Share Deals – Unlike ALL of the Network agencies, we have no share deals with any supplier

Constant KPI’s – We always work to strict and agreed KPIs with our clients. Coverage, Brand awareness or ROI

Service – Our growth is based on your growth. Our business has always been based around attention to detail and Service

Media Campaign’s TV planning & buying is some of the best in the UK
Independently proven that we buy up to 60% better than the Networks.

The first and foremost reason for this is that we don’t have share deals. All of the large network agencies agree share deals with the TV contractors at the beginning of each year The main reason for this is that their spends are so large that they can not beat the commoditised average of the market. As they say “If you are the market you can’t beat the market”

Media Campaign is an independent, boutique buying agency, one of the first and still independent. Every spot or Cost per thousand we negotiate is done so for your brand or service. In addition to this as we don’t buy half of the TV market every year we get the best rates, as do all of the Independent agencies. This has been independently audited and in some cases our rates are 60% better than “The pool” (I.e. the Large agency Group rates, Networks)

So rates is a very important aspect, but rates are not the whole story. Targeting on TV is as important as CPT or Spot Rates. There are hundreds of variables when buying TV and we are experts in factoring all of these variables via our experience and various bespoke and tailor-made trading platforms that our staff use on a daily basis. Your campaign objectives will determine the first decision – Brand, DRTV etc….

Time of day (day time versus peak), channel, program genre, the weather (viewing goes up in the rain), spot length, audience ….. these are just some of the variables our senior staff track on a daily basis for all of our TV advertisers

Its all about the detail and the experience and we understand both.

If you would like to discuss TV with us then – Please call Media Campaign today on 0207 3890800 or fill in the or fill in the Contact form on our Contact page. Someone will come back to you immediately

We buy the best press rates in the UK because 70% of our inventory is bought short term

Independent auditors have confirmed this.

Advertisers have tracked this and appoint us in favour of the top UK 5 buying companies regularly

We have been buying Direct Response, Branding and Travel Press advertising for over forty years. We have long solid relationships with all of the major publishers, we understand the market and would happily put our rates up against any agency in the market. If you are currently using press as a medium then give us a call. We will guarantee to match or beat your current rates, but in addition we will give you proven case studies as to how to improve ROI using a mixture of space

Call Media Campaign today on 0207 3890800 or use our contact form

Radio is an exciting medium because it presents the opportunity to talk to target audiences and generate a reaction instantly.

Inspired planning means balancing the RAJAR facts with experience and first-hand understanding of the radio environment and the listener’s relationship to it.

Our radio buying prowess is second to none we are constantly evaluated by media auditors.

We consistently prove that we have no peers.

Its all about the monitoring

Specialists deliver volume buying leverage and expertise and by working with kinetic, media campaign has access to the second largest OOH buying points in the UK.

Paid Media Specialists buying digital media effectively across

Search, Display, Video, Social, E-mail and Native

Across each digital platform we use data and statistics to scientifically optimise web businesses. We look at data from all variables including device, location, ad placement, time of day, day of week, audience demographics and a host of analytical metrics to constantly review our strategy in order to benefit the campaign.

Whether using influencers via Instagram stars to promote your product, or automating your weekly reports using Javascript, our team is always ahead of the curve with the latest digital techniques and technologies.

As an accredited Google Partner agency who recently placed top 5 within Google’s ‘fastest growing PPC agency’ 2016, we are lucky enough to have a plethora of Google experts ready to offer support for our services. This means the number of trained eyes on your account doesn’t end within the walls of our office.

We attribute our success to our intelligent planning, buying and rigorous testing. On top of that we have partnerships with the leading data providers, meaning we will always be able to find your target audience.

If you would like us to take a look at your Digital Strategy call the team on 0207 3890800 or use our contact form