Media Campaign was started in 1975 and was one of the first Media Independents in the UK. We have launched and built some of the best known UK brands through Smart Media Planning and Buying and detailed ROI analysis. We have remained an independent buying agency for over 40 years and trade on detail, experience and Return on Investment linked with the best rates in the market whether it be Online or Offline Media Channels. With offices in London and New York we can plan and buy the most effective campaigns in the UK Europe and the Americas Read More
Every member of our staff has at least 7 years of experience in their chosen discipline and is trained to work with clients around strict KPIs. These maybe ROI, Brand Recall or Footfall. Every penny we spend for our client’s needs to be at the best rates with the best returns. We have no share deals or arrangements so you know that your monies are being used effectively.
We would be happy to give you a detailed presentation, to show how we can improve your KPI’s using detailed analysis and our long track record of experienceGet in touch
We have built many brands and businesses in the UK, Europe and the USA via smart Media Buying and Detailed Analysis.
At every step of the way we analyse client data using one of our three systems and match it to the planned and bought media. Matching this with the best rates in the market and detailed planning sytems to ensure the media mix is correct. Meeting with clients monthly and talking daily, we ensure that your results are always going in the right direction. We are an analysis based business and expect to work to KPIs See our case studies

Brands We Have Launched in The UK